Here are some photos we are adding to our storyboards. Lots more to come.

Vegas Destination Cover

Room Decoration B&W

Wedding Direction Sign 1

Glandore Community Group are just  about to launch (live from 17th June 2012) in an effort to give visitors to our area a heads up on what is happening in Glandore and to highlight the local businesses in the area.  The community group have been busy tidying up the village (last year winning bronze for their efforts in the anti-litter challenge) to make it comfortable and tidy for visitors and locals.

Any support (financial or otherwise) can be directed towards Diarmuid O’Donovan @  We will be supporting the group with regular updates on our websites.

We are hoping to develop a newsletter in the coming weeks featuring wedding trends for 2012. We will be looking at hot wedding themes, influential dress designs and catwalk couture, menswear, venues, hair&makeup, holiday destinations as well as advice on picking the right wedding invitation.

West Cork is well known for its abundance of Fuchsia. We’re predicting Black and Fuchsia as one definite combination theme for 2012 and already we have stationery orders to back this up. Some photographic highlights for this up and coming colour combination. Our Black & Fuchsia Pink cards will tone with your fuchsia theme -find more at

We are busy putting the final touches to our samples for this weekend Show. The Silver Springs show marks the beginning of our New Year and is a good barometer for what designs will be popular for the year.

Paul and Georgiana Keane are offering Inish Beg as a location for weddings.

Inish Beg is licenced to hold civil ceremonies at The Boat House and does so provided the wedding party is booking all the accommodation available for a minimum stay of two nights (excluding Bank Holidays when a three night stay is required). Inish Beg is available for weddings at any time of the year except during July and August. As the wedding party is booking all of the accommodation the wedding guests will have exclusive use of all facilities on the estate.

A civil ceremony can be conducted at The Boat House, in which case dates for the ceremony need to be agreed with the Registrar in Cork.

The Boat House, Walled Garden, Main House and landscaped gardens provide the perfect location for wedding photography.

Receptions of up to 60 guests can be held in The Boat House. For larger numbers, the reception can take place in a marquee in a specially designated waterfront setting on the estate. In this case, there is an additional fee.

We think that the following tip from wedding life tips dot com are very much to the point and worth considering.

The wedding party usually includes everyone participating in some way in the wedding celebration. That could be groomsmen, brides maids, flower girls, clergy, both sets of parents, etc. They’re the people who are helping to bring the big day together. Many people decide to take the group out to a nice restaurant as the wedding gift to the bridal party, but there are other things you can do as well. Of course, the bigger the wedding party, the harder it’s going to be to come up with unique wedding party gifts. Rather than give each individual person something different as a wedding gift, why not give gifts based on gender and/or age.

Women: The ladies can each get the same gift, just make sure to personalize the gift that you give. You might want to give them each a personalized ladies shaver, gift certificates to their favorite book shop or coffee shop, personalized cameras, sheets, or something simpler and alternative like a personalized mp3 player.

Men: Gifts for the wedding party should be something you know they’ll enjoy. Maybe it’s a bottle of whiskey, or a pass to a racing event, rugby or soccer. Maybe there’s a concert coming up that they’ll all appreciate having tickets to.

Children: If you have a flower girl, page boy/ring bearer in the wedding party, don’t forget them! Unique wedding party gifts for them might be something that will keep them entertained during the day.


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